The Model A


Our first tabletop concept, and what a beauty. We fell in love with the shape and the see through aspect of its design. While it wasn’t meant long for this world, it was a critical pivot point for us to focus our efforts on smaller, less bulky units.


The Build

The Model A originally came about because the Momo was so friggin’ big, it was untenable for any of us to house. We needed something that didn’t take up a whole room, but allowed us to grow at minimum a single substrate block or tray. We had joined the Lost Labs incubator and hadn’t made any new strides. It was 3 weeks away from our demo and we decided to kick it into high gear and build the very first, Model A.

It was made from scrap chip board. We cut it out on an X-Carve, fished our wiring and then glued and clamped it. Once sanded, we used a non-toxic, food safe resin on the inside for waterproofing. The lid was held in place by magnets, a stroke of genius really (pats back) as it left no crevices or hinges to become points of contamination and allowed for full access to the grow space.

Screenshot 2019-01-21 18.07.34.png

Lost Labs Demo

After 12 weeks of incubation, the last 3 being a mad rush, we were ready to spawn to substrate, if you know what I mean. Oh, and if you don’t know what I mean, I mean we were ready to get on with it. A crew of over 150 investors and advisors joined together to listen to the 6 different incubator cohorts pitch our projects.

Our presentation went well. Despite, or perhaps because of, quoting Dr. Ian Malcolm from Jurassic Park, we made some great relationships and opportunities were created.

You should add color LEDs so it can go into ‘Party Mode!’
— an overzealous (but not wrong) admirer

R&R Brunch

The week after the Lost Labs demo, was James Beard week. We were honored to be on display at the R&R Brunch produced by Raduno in the Game Room at the Chicago Athletic Association. The intent was to bring together a mix of chefs, farmers, distributors, designers and makers to celebrate food and spark conversation about getting creative with food waste. The Model A and her sexy ways mesmerized everyone.


The Funeral

And finally, at long last, the time had come to part ways with The Model A. It was built for concept, not longevity. Though it had a waterproof resin coating on the inside, water always finds a way.

As the green mold began to spread and take the helm, we said our “good-byes” and put the ole girl out of her misery.

Stick a fork in her. She’s done.
— anyone who knows what Trichoderma is

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