Roman Titus

Roman is an autodidact who dropped out or was kicked out of far more schools than he's ever finished. Depending on the day, he describes himself as a builder, artist, futurist or Macgyver. His career path has led him through photography, art, printing, design, furniture building, mushroom farming and now into food-tech. He's quite fond of vodkas and their lack of flavor.

Justin Smith

Justin is a hacker and maker that gets shit done. His skills run the gamut from 3D printing, computer board & sensors, prototyping and development. He's spent the last couple years creating IoT projects for a Fortune 500 company. He's also got great taste in music, according to team consensus.

Eric Muehlstein

Eric is a self-starter and a problem-solver. His diverse skillset and interests make him a boon to the Sojourn Fare team. He makes his own beer, grows shiitake logs in his basement and 3D prints in his garage. Also, he keeps bees, voyeuristically monitors them remotely and harvests some amazing honey. 

Elisabeth Hass

Elisabeth is a strategist, writer and philosopher. She's constantly making and finding the beauty in words. She is responsible for our brand voice and messaging. She also is a recent convert to enjoying the wonderful fruit that is mushroom.

darrin Lim

Darrin hails from Omaha and still uses a PC. We let him get away with it cus he's brilliant. He's making our system smarter and, by proxy, making us all smarter. He likes walks on the beach and cumulonimbus clouds. His data analytic skills are rivaled only by his deep love of bloody marys.