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A running journal of prototypes, workshops, events, lessons, adventures and all things mycophilic.


Comed & Chicago Public Schools

Solar Spotlight



Our first foray into solar, and user-assembled kits. Over 50 high schoolers from over 20 public school in the city of Chicago came together to follow the curriculum we wrote and spend the day assembling our Builder’s Kits. We pulled this together in about a month and a half, with little sleep, a lot of coffee and some good ole fashioned stubborned determination.



  • The value of in-house fabrication

  • A scaling, expandable system is our future

  • The hardest part of writing curriculum is the first draft

  • You can accomplish so much more if you work through the nigh… zzzzzz.


Lost Labs: a lost Arts incubator

The Model A



Our first tabletop concept and what a beauty. We fell in love with the shape and the see through aspect of it's design. While it wasn’t meant long for this world, it was a critical pivot point for us to focus our efforts on smaller, lighter weight builds.



  • Deadlines and pressure are good motivators

  • The birth of the Model A

  • Good advice comes from all over the map

  • Being ‘incubated’ isn’t as warm as it sounds


a fifty pound per week prototype

The Momo



After the success of Soko in Google Chicago’s Cafeteria, they gave us a broken double-door display refrigerator to use as our next enclosure. This was to be come a long hard build. It was expensive and targeted at a specific client but it became clear that the business model couldn’t support the angle. But fear not, that’s not the end for The Momo.



  • 50 lbs of mushrooms is a lot

  • Nothing goes as fast as you think it will

  • Never put your modifiers inside the enclosure

  • This is not a mobile display model, no matter how hard we tried


FabLab Saigon & traditional mushroom farms




A beautiful country with such kind people and what a culture. We drank beer from frozen cereal bowls, drove a full day on a motorbike on the edge of a typhoon, visited traditional mushroom farms, connected with students who were salvaging rice straw from the rice fields to grow mushrooms and we relieved the street markets of their mushrooms. Lots to chew on from this trip.



  • Traditional pre-harvest mushroom drying methods

  • Salvaged rice straw as mushroom substrate

  • The urban farmer is alive and well at FabLab Saigon

  • The paddy straw mushroom is phenomenal