What future shall we build?


When I look at the future, I see massive potential and opportunity to shape a world that is better than the one we know today. There's a lot that must be done with controlled environments to create that better world. Below you’ll see the strides we’ve made and where we're heading next. We're only beginning, but we’ve achieved great things already. There's so much more to come.

Let's take a look at our horizon.


01. Explore


Learn to grow mushrooms

The first step was to get into the mind of the mushroom to figure out what makes them tick, how sterile labs work and what mycelium is. This led us to create a mushroom fruiting tent in an apartment for 9 months. By the end, we understood the mycelium and its needs. And, with enough successes and failures under our belt, we realized that we could do more together.


02. Conceive



Build and prototype a unit that grows 7 lbs./week

Endless days and nights are spent learning how to work with Raspberry Pi, Arduino, the different sensors, modifiers and code to build a controlled environment for mushrooms. It paid off and led to a partnership with the good people at Google. We prototyped onsite in their cafeteria for just under a year and grew 7 lbs. of mushrooms per week. This step has given us proof of concept, and Google gave us a broken fridge for our next experiment. The opportunity to partner with them was a tremendous step along our path.


03. Develop



Build and prototype a unit that grows 50 lbs./week

We then modified a reach-in display cooler to grow 50 lbs. of mushrooms per week. Our first grow was a round of King Oysters. With this unit comes new features like water recovery, filtration and reuse, air filtration, heating, and CO2 sensing. We also got our web app up and running to control, monitor, and optimize our grow. 


04. Grow



Build a walk-in unit that grows 200 lbs./week

We then built a walk-in unit capable of fruiting 200 lbs. of mushrooms per week. This unit had wired racks with lights mounted directly on them to allow for easily moving racks from incubation to fruiting to harvesting. She's a sight to see.


05. Engage



Environment control product for consumers and cultivators

Taking everything we've learned and iterated on until this point, it's time to help consumers grow more mushrooms. The Model A is a tabletop connected hardware enclosure that runs our data anyltics platform, is controlled by a web app and supported by a subscription service of ready-to-fruit mushrooms. We're gonna put our Model A in the hands of everyday people and see how it works, how it doesn't and how it gets hacked beyond mushroom cultivation. Then we'll listen, learn and evolve.


Learn more about the Model A.


06. Spawn


Build in-house spawn lab to service units and subscribers

Supporting previous steps and preparing for the next one, we'll build a massive spawn lab to service the Model A through a subscription service of ready-to-fruit mushrooms delivered directly to your door. By building our own lab we can control inventory, quality, fulfillment, recipes and margins closer to home, with a dedicated staff. These will be shipped to our grow units all over the city, state, country and beyond.


07. Manage


Crop management and inventory software for cultivators

By now the environmental software will be humming along and it will be time to add more robust backend support the GIY movement, including crop and inventory management, resources, along with cleaning and maintenance scheduling. This is where our ability to mine data from multiple data points will allow our individual devices to evolve rapidly.


08. Scale


Build mushroom farm ready for mass production

We now have a complete software package built out and have iterated through all sizes of hardware, from box to the large fruiting units. Next, we're going to take all of that knowledge and concentrate it into the future of mushroom farming at scale. We're going to build the smartest network of farms you've ever seen.


09. Empower


grow food in food desserts

Like I've said before, and the Beatles said before that, all you need is love. We're going to create food and jobs in places where both those are hard to come by. Food is not a privilege, nor is making a livable wage. We're gonna make stand alone, exterior units that can operate in the remotest of areas if need be. Empowering folks to become self-reliant just might be our favorite drug.


10. Explore


Grow food in space

And when we're done with all this great stuff here on earth, we're gonna find a new place to play and continue building the future. Whatever exoplanet we land on, we gotta eat something when we get there.


Meet the team.


Wanna help?


This is no small task. Small tasks are for the birds. We're here to change the future for us all. We have not been there, but we can see it. And we need help to get where we're going.

Help comes in all forms. It looks like brains, money, talent, skill, strategy, advice, connections, hustle or creativity. And we're gonna need a bit of it all to get there.

We're talking to you. Wanna shoot the moon with us?