Q: are your mushrooms organic?

A: Technically we can’t say that, because we didn’t pay the $2500 fee to use that marketing term. If you’re asking do we use all organic inputs and refrain from using synthetic chemicals or sprays… then yes.

Q: Who made that incredible king oyster time lapse video on your home page?

A: Great question. That incredible King Oyster time lapse video is by NatureCam Naturfilme and we are using it through a creative commons license CC BY

Q: can i come work for you?

A: Of course you can! We'd love the extra help...wait, do you need paid? Ah. In that case, send an email to hello@sojournfare.com and tell us why we need you on the team.

Q: where are you based?

A: We were founded in the Pilsen neighborhood of Chicago; The City of Broad Shoulders. These days, we far in Zanesfield, Ohio.

Q: can I come tour your workshop and farm?

A: We're happy to welcome into our space anyone who swings by for business, but presently we don't give tours. Wait for it.

Q: Who does your illustrations?

A: Our very own brilliant, intuitive, handsome, charming and funny founder, Roman Titus… and as you can tell, he also writes the FAQs in the third person.

Q: Who made all the photos on your site?

A: A lot were made by members of our team, but the goods one were prolly made by Nate Smith or someone at Lost Arts

Q: Can your system grow psychedelic mushrooms?

A: Of course it can, but any jabroni with a plastic tub can grow them too. We're looking for a challenge.