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We’re glad to have you test the Sojourn Fare B. It’s taken months of testing and tweaks, but now it’s ready for user testing. That's where you come in. We need you to take the Sojourn Fare B for a proverbial drive around the block, and we want to hear all about your experience. This will help us move to our next steps of manufacturing 100 more in-house, followed by 1000 engineered units to take public.

The whole team appreciates your confidence in us and our vision of building the future of farming. If you have any questions or thoughts along the way, we’re here to help.




The Sojourn Fare B is the latest iteration in a long line of controlled environment enclosures we've built. If you haven't seen the Model A yet, take a moment and check it out. The Model A was our concept model. It is our first step into small, personal sized units.

As shown above, the B will be a small modified glass door refrigerator and a base to which we'll add humidifiers, fans, computer board, lights, electrical components and beyond to monitor and control the internal environment. The B will work like, but won’t look like, our final product. The focus of this test is on how it works with users, we'll make her pretty down the road.

The app comes with a database of preset environmental recipes that you can choose from by selecting the mushroom variety you're growing, and if you'd like you can tweak the environment from there. Beyond that, I'd prefer you explore the app blind for the first time so we can get better feedback from you. 

Finally, this purchase also comes with a subscription of one mushroom block shipped every week for 4 weeks. For this test, everyone will be growing oyster mushrooms. You can expect 1 - 1 ½ lbs. per harvest, which will be around 7 days after placing the block in the B. The mushroom blocks will be coming from our partner spawn farm, Field & Forest. In the future they will be white labeling and drop-shipping mushroom blocks for us, but for now it will be under their brand.



We'll be touching base with you each once a week to check in and ask more specific questions about your experience. For general issue tracking and feedback, you can submit tickets through our app. In the menu bar, you'll find a feedback tab to use for comments, questions or reporting errors. We need your feedback on the hardware, the app, the subscription service, cultivation and the overall experience.

Generally, we want to know:
1. What works?
2. What doesn’t work?
3. What’s missing?
4. How cultivating mushrooms makes you feel.



In exchange for the great faith your showing in us by investing your time, money and energy to help our product, when our final product releases to the public, we'll swap out your old B with the latest release. Absolutely free of charge.

Yep. Free.



We're confident in our platform and how it will grow through this partnership. And we're excited for you to try it out as we take this next step. We're going to build and ship 5 units, then build and ship 5 more after that. First come, first serve. We expect to ship our first 5 units in October, but it depends on you. We'll keep you updated with any timeline changes as we go along.

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