We grow PoHu Oyster mushrooms, a strain of pleurotus ostreatus known for it's large bouquets and high yields. When sautéed a nutty, savory flavor comes through and smells an awful lot like a burger!

Price: $12/lbs.


King Oysters

Pleurotus eryngii, sometimes referred to as Royal Trumpet, the King Oyster has a large meaty stem and tender caps when young. Try slicing them lengthwise and cook them up like bacon or cross cut the stems and use them as vegetarian scallops.

Price: $16/lbs. (available June 2017)



Seasonal availability


Chicken of the Woods

Also known as the sulphur shelf mushroom, Laetiporus sulphureus/cincinnatus has a texture and taste wildly similar to chicken. The ones from this picture got turned into a barbecue chicken of the woods pizza. Incredible!

Price: $16/lbs.



Foraged pleurotus ostreatus is always a fun find. Usually much whiter in color that our cultivated strain. Mix these wild caught oysters with free range beef for the ultimate wild burger!

Price: $10/lbs



The elusive landfish, Morchella, we come across these quite a bit in the spring time and this year we're cultivating outdoor beds of these guys. One of the best mushrooms you'll ever taste. We enjoy them sautéed with egg yolk!

Price: $45/lbs.



We love the wild leeks. We responsibly harvest our ramps by only taking 10% each season and digging only large mature plants. We also rinse our ramps down cus you're not paying for the mud!

Price: $10/lbs.