Noko is an IoT enabled platform that allows the user to remotely control, monitor and optimize the environment in a space. She was built for mushroom cultivation, but we’re pretty sure she’s got bigger things in store down the line.

Noko was prototyped in Google Chicago's cafeteria where she consistently grew 7 lbs. of mushrooms per week. This gave us the proof of concept we needed in order to move forward. We now operate units that produce 50 lbs. per week and 200 lbs. per week as we begin to scale our capacity up. 


Hyperlocal farming


Interested in growing mushrooms, year round in your cafeteria, restaurant, school or building? Excellent, let’s talk about that. Here’s how it works.

Noko is set up onsite at your location. Our spawn lab cultivates and incubates substrate blocks. You buy the blocks and we deliver them to your location. Once a week, we’ll swing by to remove old substrate, clean and service the unit, then refill it with new substrate blocks. All you have to do is harvest, or if you’d like, we can do that part for you as well.

Want your employees to know where their food comes from, as well as be able to watch it grow? How about taking an order of mushroom risotto, then harvesting the mushrooms and immediately throwing them into the skillet? Need to teach your students about food production and sustainable ways for society to move forward?

Yeah? Noko can help with that.


Farm with us.