Mushrooms one of the most difficult things to grow. So, we’re making it easier.

We've built a smart, simple system that empowers anyone to cultivate mushrooms. The Sojourn Fare Model A is a connected environment control enclosure that...

We're creating the hardware, software and essential supplies that take the mystery out of mushroom cultivation and help you grow. 


Want predictable, reliable grows?

We created a set of tools that can help.


Create the perfect environment for all kinds of mushrooms with the Model A.


Monitor and optimize your growing environment through our web app


Get ready-to-fruit mushroom substrates delivered right to your door.


The Ultimate Control


Sensor Data monitoring

We use a suite of sensors to record the current environment within the Model A. These sensors read relative humidity, CO2, air temperature, substrate temperature, luminosity and external relative humidity and air temperature. This allows you to know the exact environmental parameters at every moment.


Environment control

The Model A uses humidifiers, filtered intake and exhaust fans, full spectrum LEDs and a radiant heat bed to modify the environmental recipe based on our sensor readings and the specific mushroom variety's desired conditions.


data analytics optimization

Our data analytics platform learns and grows with you (and with hundreds of other Model A growers around the world). Every Model A grow box informs the entire Sojourn Fare platform, helping us optimize your grows and create a decentralized growing platform.


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