Got some extra dough laying around?

We're looking for investment partners who understand that while capitalism is our reality, all you need is love. Folks who believe that being an Innovationist is far more important to ourselves than stretching margins til they snap. That collaboration is about laying all the info on the table and making the best decision together, no matter who gets the credit for it. Or better yet, understanding that we all get the credit for it.

This doesn't mean we don't want to make money. We'd love to make tons of money, we're a business that's our reality. But it's not what drives us. It's not why we get out of bed early. And it's not why we stay up late.

We're looking for brave investment partners who want to change the way the world works for the betterment of us all. We want partners who want to build the future we need, rather than accept the future we'll be given otherwise.

Is that you? Talk to us. We wanna talk with you.




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