We're Sojourn Fare.

We’re making mushroom more prevalent in our society. Mushrooms and mycelium are incredibly useful as food, medicine, enlightenment, bioremediation, building materials, surfboards, battery storage, fabrics and beyond. Oyster mushrooms are 25% protein. A Japanese study showed Enokitake’s inhibit cancerous tumors by 100%. A computer company is using mushroom mycelium as packaging material for shipping. And mycelium has shown the ability to remediate oil spills by chemically breaking down the long chains of hydrocarbons present in petroleum. And we’re finding new uses every day.

Our belief in this amazing organism’s potential has driven us to look for a way to encourage and boost its prevalence in our society. And we believe making mushroom farming more accessible, from hobbyists to chefs to farmers, is the most direct way to affect that change.


Blazing spore-laden trails!


Environmental control with ease

Our system is an IoT hardware/software product that allows the user to control, monitor and optimize the internal environment via a mobile web app. We call her Noko. She’s pretty rad.

Outsourced sterile spawn lab

Our spawn lab, takes care of the tricky work of expanding the mycelium from petri dish to spawn to fully myceliated substrate block. Throw that block in one of our units and a week later you got yourself some mushrooms.

Fresh food is quality food

Mushrooms grown closer to the end user and in a tightly controlled environment result in fresh, beautiful, high quality mushrooms. That's why we're creating a smaller, distributed network of farms.

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