Sojourn Fare is interested in building the future we want, rather than accepting the one we’ll be given.

We're building a future where you can go to the mushroom counter at your local grocery to view, learn about, harvest and purchase multiple varieties of mushrooms fruiting on site.

We’re building a future where the barrier to entry to become a mushroom cultivator is lowered through affordable hardware, clever software and access to shared data for growth optimization.

We’re building a future that not only automates, but understands the cultivation process, utilizes computer vision for data mining and makes the production of gourmet mushrooms possible at massive scale.



  • Mushrooms have a short freshness window which affects their taste and appearance.

  • Mushrooms are fragile and shipping from farm to end user often damages them.

  • The barrier to entry to become a mushroom cultivator is high.

  • The lack of education and branding around mushrooms creates a vacuum in consumer mindshare.

  • The modern consumer is actively looking for a more sustainable source of protein.



A smaller, smarter, distributed network of production through self-governing, controlled climate units and software.

  • Substrate blocks are incredibly durable. They can be dropped, moved, stacked, shipped with minimal to no affect on its end fruit.

  • Growth happens within 3-5 days, creating an exciting visual process to follow. Paired with an expert behind the counter results in an engaging and educational experience for consumers.

  • You won’t find a fresher mushroom outside of the farmer’s fruiting room, which typically isn’t an option.

  • Daily fruiting. Year round.



Humans are searching for alternatives to a diet heavy in meat-based proteins. We know that the current status of animal husbandry is not sustainable over the long haul. Mushrooms are an excellent source of vegetable protein, averaging 25% protein content. As well, they are a great source of beta-glucans which have been dubbed “biological response modifiers” because of their effects on the immune system.

Add in a heavily populated world, dwindling natural ground for food production, the glut of empty warehouses in urban areas and the present need to "make a back up copy" of humanity on Mars. This stone kills multiple birds.


market size

  • 17,000 active members on & only 300 registered farmers in the US. Large opportunity to bridge the markets by making mushroom cultivation more accessible.

  • $1.23 billion domestic market size by 2019

  • $50 billion global market size by 2019



Sojourn Fare just finished our second model prototype onsite in Google Chicago’s cafeteria and are discussing their needs for the next model. It grew 5-7 lbs. of mushrooms every week. We're now building multiple 150 sq. ft. walk-in units on the south side of Chicago, which will yield 150-200 lbs. per week.



I'm now looking for funding to build out the codebase, secure a couple patents and 6 months operational expenses to get us to product in hand.

In order to get there, I need $100k in SAFE investments to move into the next iteration of the system.

Wanna see the fuller picture? Check out our horizon.