Cultivate with love.


Building our future.

Sojourn Fare is about building the future we want, rather than the one we'll be given. We adapt the current state of things to our future vision and find ways to move forward, for the betterment of us all.

We are doing this by building hardware and software that automates and assists the process of cultivating mushrooms. And we're pairing that with a smaller, smarter, distributed network of production.

That means we're building a future where you can go to the mushroom counter at your local grocery to view, learn about, harvest and purchase multiple varieties of mushrooms fruiting on site.

This is a future where the barrier to entry to become a mushroom cultivator is lowered through affordable hardware, clever software and access to shared data for education and growth optimization. 

A future that not only automates, but understands the cultivation process, utilizes computer vision, data mining, machine learning and makes the production of gourmet mushrooms possible at scale.

And in this future, sustainable veggie protein is available every day, year round, anywhere on this planet... or on the next one.

This is the future we're building.


“Mushroom mycelium is the organism that will take us into the future.”

Roman Titus  |  Founder


Walking into flying.

We've just wrapped prototyping an onsite unit which grows mushrooms week after week. This unit is paired with a service model that exchanges the harvested mushroom substrate blocks with fresh ready to fruit substrate blocks. The unit prototyped onsite in the cafeteria of Google Chicago for 6 months. In that time we averaged 7 lbs. of fresh mushrooms per week. The model has proven successful and we are optimizing the overall experience, as well as finalizing the next unit, which is capable of growing 50 lbs. per week. Stay tuned.




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